For parents

Heroes of the City is a television series for pre-schoolers with stories that convey the message of helping, sharing and caring. In the stories everyone can be a hero! The stories revolves around emergency vehicles that both engages and entertains the children.

For us it was important to develop a series with a little slower pace, which was not violent and loud, but fun and exciting for the younger children. We want to tell the message that everyone is unique and equal value, that everyone is important and that we should take care of each other. Big or small.

We provide quality entertainment for all the world’s children where the Children of today are. From traditional television and books to the increasingly popular new digital platforms. Our apps are designed to be user-friendly and safe, with no advertising or sales pressure. Our popular Youtube Channel is available in several languages ??and is growing every week. For us it is important and inspiring to be able to offer good children’s movies to children all over the world regardless of their parents’ financial condition. Heroes of the City is popular around the world and has no religious or political message.

For us, you as parents and children in mind. We want you to feel completely confident with all of our content, and we want to constantly have an open dialogue with our users to enhance and customize all our platforms to make them as user friendly as possible.

We who developed Heroes of the City is a team of dedicated parents and developer in Sweden. This has been done in collaboration with Emmy Award-winning screenwriters from the United States and a renowned international animation studio. Together we mix our experience and knowledge to create life to our little town and its wonderful characters. We hope that both you as parents and your children will enjoy and love our heroes as we do.